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Liz Phillips is a New York City-based jewelry designer. Her passion for the beauty of gemstones led her to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where she received the prestigious Graduate Gemologist diploma in 2007. At San Francisco’s Revere Academy, she then learned the basics of the goldsmith’s art as a means of enhancing her knowledge of the intricacies of jewelry construction and design.


The inspiration for Liz’s collection comes in many ways from the stones themselves. Whether pairing gems to create unexpected color combinations, or exploring the extraordinary visual properties of stones like opal and labradorite, Liz seeks to highlight and celebrate the innate beauty of these natural marvels. She selects each stone by hand for every piece of jewelry she creates.


Another great source of inspiration for Liz is India. Her jewelry is made by some of the most talented artisans in Jaipur – the country’s beautiful “Pink City”, which is a true mecca for any lover of jewelry and gemstones. From its magnificent hilltop forts, to the swish of saris in vibrant hues of turquoise, crimson, and marigold, to the hot pink bougainvillea that blooms all over the city, Jaipur is a place where one is simply overwhelmed by color and life.

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